Indoor diversions: Play dough


Do you remember mom’s homemade play dough? Always green and mint-scented. Always. For some reason I associate this with St. Patrick’s Day. Ring any bells?

I made the first batch of my own a couple of months ago and it had MM occupied for an entire hour while I actually got things done. It was magic, so I made more (a few different colors, no mint extract) and its facilitated plenty of quiet, creative play when we’ve been stuck in the house. Just this morning MM said she was making  play dough”coooookies.” Continue reading “Indoor diversions: Play dough”


The best brownies, like ever


Randi –

The other night you called me to ask what you should make for a dessert, and I told you about the best brownies, like ever.

Quick question before I proceed — am I falling back on the fancy salt too much these days? The thing is, it seems like all you have to do to make a good recipe great is add a pinch of fancy salt at the end. Salted chocolate chip cookies, salted brown butter rice krispie treats, salted apple pie … seriously. It’s the easiest thing to do. But maybe it’s time to “discover” a new secret ingredient. Ok, on to the brownies. Continue reading “The best brownies, like ever”

Radishes. Yes, radishes.

Watermelon radishes with goat cheese – The girls’ Valentine’s Dinner first course!

Aravis –

Until this winter’s CSA vegetable adventures, I’m not sure I’d ever eaten any radish but the usual red salad ones (or butter radishes) you find at any better-left-alone salad bar, and I’m pretty sure most of those were probably not eaten willingly. Do you ever remember mom bringing a radish into the house? I don’t.

This winter, though, we’ve had week after week of radishes of all shapes, sizes, and colors appearing in our CSA box. At first, I was pretty darn stumped as to what to do with them. But they were certainly not going to waste, so I scoured Pinterest and NYT Cooking for some ideas and guess what I found? Radishes are delicious! Continue reading “Radishes. Yes, radishes.”