That’s entertainment: Planning a dinner party

Hey Randi.

Here is the first post of the first series of “Messes.”

Sometimes I’ll visit someone’s house and they do something really well (they have the perfect lighting in the living room, or there’s a candle burning in the bathroom, for example) — or, more often, I’ll do something not-so-well when someone is visiting me (how many times do I have to remind myself to put a hand towel in the bathroom??). I’ll make a little note in my head about what works, and what doesn’t work when hosting guests. It’s not like I’ll pull this list out every time I have people over, but I want these things to become second nature, so that I’m not following the rules of being a good host … I just am a good host.

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Sister-in-law afghan: III


It’s finished!

And it’s lovely! Thick and soft and fluffy. I am satisfied.

It’s actually been finished for a while, but I just go around to snapping a photo of it.

Boooooy, did that attached icord give me trouble. I watched and re-watched this tutorial and this video, certain that they were missing a crucial step in the process. But I finally figured it out, and the rest was a breeze. Continue reading “Sister-in-law afghan: III”

The best brownies, like ever


Randi –

The other night you called me to ask what you should make for a dessert, and I told you about the best brownies, like ever.

Quick question before I proceed — am I falling back on the fancy salt too much these days? The thing is, it seems like all you have to do to make a good recipe great is add a pinch of fancy salt at the end. Salted chocolate chip cookies, salted brown butter rice krispie treats, salted apple pie … seriously. It’s the easiest thing to do. But maybe it’s time to “discover” a new secret ingredient. Ok, on to the brownies. Continue reading “The best brownies, like ever”

Sister-in-law afghan: I


So I’m knitting a blanket for my boyfriend’s soon-to-be sister in law. Is that terribly ambitious? I wouldn’t do something so … involved … if it weren’t for the fact that they are getting married in March. I hate March. So very much. Knitting this blanket gives me an excuse to sit inside and watch Netflix and by grumpy instead of interacting with other humans.

I am a terrible person in March — have you noticed that? I blame it on the weather where we grew up. In Northern California, the winters are cold and damp, but they’re over by the end of February. The way I describe it is: If you have to wear tights with your Easter dress, the weather has failed you. Here on the East Coast, we’re lucky if it’s not snowing on Easter. In March it seems like winter is dragging on and on and on, ad infinitum. January and February are cozy — the weather’s finally wintry and we can all enjoy fireplaces and snow and hot chocolate and stuff. But then right when you’re ready for winter to be over, March rolls around. I hate March.

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